The rx5670 is a zx1 based 7U server from HP.

It can have up to 4 McKinley or Madison processors.

It supports up to two memory boards which have 24 DIMM slots each. DIMMs must be loaded in matched quads and sizes from 256MB to 2GB are supported.

It has 4 internal SCSI drive bays, limited to Ultra2 (80MB/s) each and a SCSI DVD-ROM bay (mounted vertically). Two of the drive bays are connected to the first 896 interface. The DVD-ROM drive is connected to the second 896 interface. The other two drive bays are connected to the second 1010 interface.

It has 12 PCI-X slots. Slot 1 contains a combo card with LSI 53c896 SCSI and the Diva serial port / management chips. Slot 2 has an optional EHCI USB and Radeon video card. Slot 3 contains an IBM PCI-X to PCI-X bridge with LSI 53c1010 SCSI and Broadcom 5701 network chips behind it. Slots 4-12 are available for the user.

Each PCI root bus in the rx5670 has 500MB/s bandwidth. Four of the eight busses share that bandwidth between two slots and four have only one slot.

Slot PCI bus number Notes
Slot 1 00:0x LSI 53c896, Diva
Slot 2 00:0x Optional USB and Radeon
Slot 3 20:01 LSI 53c1010, Broadcom 5701
Slot 4 80:01
Slot 5 80:02
Slot 6 e0:01
Slot 7 e0:02
Slot 8 c0:01
Slot 9 c0:02
Slot 10 a0:01
Slot 11 40:01
Slot 12 60:01