The DL590/64 is a 460GX based 7U server from Compaq (now HP).

It can have up to 4 Merced processors.

It has up to two memory boards with 32 DIMM slots each. DIMMs must be loaded in quads. It supports 256MB, 512MB and 1024MB PC100 CL2 ECC Registered DIMMs.

It has an ATI RAGE XL video chip integrated on the motherboard.

It has 4 internal SCSI drive bays connected to an Ultra2 Compaq Smart Array Controller. It has an LS-120 SuperFloppy drive and an 24x IDE CD-ROM drive connected to the built-in IDE controller.

It has an Intel 88559 10/100 Mbit ethernet interface in a PCI slot.

It has 11 PCI slots. They are all hot-pluggable and 64-bit capable. 8 run at 66MHz and 3 at 33MHz.

Slot PCI bus number Notes
Slot 1 ? 33MHz, 5 volt, full length
Slot 2 ? 66MHz, full length
Slot 3 ? 66MHz, full length
Slot 4 ? 66MHz, full length
Slot 5 ? 66MHz, full length
Slot 6 ? 66MHz, full length
Slot 7 ? 66MHz, full length
Slot 8 ? 66MHz, full length
Slot 9 ? 66MHz, 3/4 length
Slot 10 ? 33MHz, 5 volt, 3/4 length
Slot 11 ? 33MHz, 5 volt, 3/4 length